How to Become Irresistible to Your Soulmate Clients

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How to become irresistible to your soulmate clients

Do you want to become irresistible to soulmate clients, but you're scared to show people who you truly are in your marketing because you think it will repel people and you won't be seen as professional or something?


Well, here's what's up... the thing that you're scared to show people, is probably the thing that will make you irresistible to your dream clients AND make you stand out.


And to prove to myself that this wasn't just a theory, I actually starting asking potential clients in their intake form this year “What about my work resonates with you?”.


I wanted to know in their words why it is that they chose me instead of the hundreds of thousands of other business and branding coaches out there.


And time and time again I get such similar answers:


🌈Your connection to soul

🌈You used to be a go-go dancer

🌈Your branding just feels so good energetically 

🌈You’re bold & open in your content and writing

🌈You’re sparkly, playful, yet deep

🌈You’re a rebel and creative and don't do business the standard masculine way

🌈You studied sacred sexuality & talk about pleasure and feminine energy

🌈You align your business with your menstrual cycle

🌈You get being an intuitive sensitive introvert

🌈You talk about manifesting, energy AND how it relates to business strategy


Want to know the funny thing?


I went through a period a couple years ago where I wanted to hide these things because I was trying to get marketing “right” and follow all the rules.


I ended up feeling a lot of weird shame around my past as someone who covered herself in glitter & shook her ass in front of thousands professionally (and honestly… fucking loved it).


I tried to say the "right things" and use conscious jargon in my content to sound smart, politically correct & be taken seriously.


I used to think that I couldn't mention periods & business together because they weren’t the same “niche”.


I used to think my work was too “woo-woo” and out there so I’d dim my connection to soul to be more relatable to not be seen as “one of those batshit crazy people who believes in manifesting, surrender and divine perfect timing”.


I used to not want to piss people off or trigger them, so I toned down my swearing, beauty, & boldness.


And you know what happened?


I became super depressed, burned out, and confused... and few people signed up for my offerings. And when they did I felt like an impostor trying to be someone I wasn't.


It was exhausting building my business.


I lost all my spark, fun and playfulness.


So I quit, and after a little break, my mission and vision never left me.


But this time around I said fuck it. I’m gunna be who I am this time.


And my soul mate people will love it, or the people in my audience will leave and I'll just attract more aligned people into my world.


And man baby, did my soul mate people ever show up!


I am continuously brought to tears by the incredible women I get to work with. 


They feel so aligned.


They light up my life.


They are my muses. 


I create with them in mind.


It brings me so much joy to serve my badass sparkly woo-woo weirdos (and YOU if you're in my world).


So whatever is it that you think people will judge you for, or think is “too much”...


I’m willing to bet is the thing that will make you irresistible to your soul mate audience.


They’re just waiting for you to say “fuck it” and let your weird light shine bright.


What is it that you're hiding?


Time to claim your weirdness.


And watch as your "milkshake" brings all the soulmate clients to the yard. 😘




What's something that makes you unique in your soul-led brand and business?



With love and boldness,

Amy "let your freak flag fly" Meraki


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