A Simple Practice to Attract Soulmate Clients Now

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One of the most common things my clients come to me for support with is getting clear on WHO their ideal soulmate client is.


And there are so many ways you can go about discovering this.


I've found more often than not, our ideal soulmate client is just a version of us a couple of steps behind.


So if you're looking to create a product, offerings, or business to support someone, it's helpful to just speak to your past self in your copywriting and marketing.


Another thing to look at is not only what they are struggling with and what they desire, but also the qualities they embody and who they are BEING when you work together.


Because let's be honest... not everyone shows up as a 5-star client.


But it's up to you set boundaries around what type of behavior you are or aren't available for.


So to help you get clear on the energetics of the person you want to attract, I have a fun practice for you!


Similar to dating, I want to write out a list of your non-negotiables that you're looking for in a relationship.


Only instead of looking for a romantic relationship, you're looking to create a client relationship.


A good way to find out this information in relation to your business is to think back to all the relationships you've had with non-ideal people in a work capacity.


These shitty experiences probably gave you a pretty good understanding of what you DON'T want in a working relationship... am I right?


So step 1: Write that list down.


You can call it your "I don't want this in a client" list.




Step 2: Next, take a look at that list, and flip it.


You can call this list your "I do want this in a client" list.


Write down the opposite of each quality or characteristic.


For example, maybe you wrote down you don't want someone with unrealistic expectations.


Then the opposite would be someone with realistic expectations of your work together who isn't expecting miracles or someone to save them. 


And to take it a step further, you can even ask yourself "what's my part in communicating this with someone?"


Maybe that means having an intake form that communicates expectations before they apply (just an example).


Or creating an educational piece of content that helps them decern when it's time to ask for support and what they need to have in place first.


Go through each item on your list and create the positive trait you're looking for in a client.


Step 3: CHOOSE and claim it powerfully that this is just how it gets to be now.


Choose from this moment forward that you're unavailable for clients that show qualities on the "I don't want list" and you're only available for ideal soulmate clients who express the qualities on your "I do want list".


Claiming this will also strengthen your ability to know when to say no and be clear on your boundaries.


Step 4: Expect to attract ideal clients.


Check in to see if you're telling yourself any stories like "I always attract people that are hard to deal with". 


Or "I only attract people who can't afford my services".


And stop those stories in their tracks.


Changing your story will change your results.


It's time to start affirming things like "I'm beginning to attract only ideal soulmate clients now".


"I'm beginning to attract soulmate clients who love to pay me in full with ease".


And any other new empowering stories and beliefs you'd like to see in your reality.


Give this practice a try and be sure to let me know how it goes!


With love + pleasure,

Amy Meraki

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