Pleasure is your super power.

For too long feminine women in business were taught how to do things like a masculine man. We were trained that there's a "right way" to do things and that the "experts" know the exact systematize strategy that will work if we just follow the rules and do exactly as we're told.

But I'm here to tell you to fuck the rules.

Instead, I want you to follow your intuition, your body, and what feels good to your soul.

We don't need another badass creative Goddess locking herself in a box and limiting her wild full expression just so that people will feel more comfortable and she can be seen as "professional" and "perfect".

No way love, you're here to shake things up! Take up space. Be seen. And radiate like the powerful Queen you are.

Out with the old paradigm. And in with the new.

And that new looks like being radically true to YOU. Doing things YOUR way. Having a freakin' BLAST. So you can get paid to be YOU, do what you love, and live a life of freedom that's fulfilling AF.

Through my online trainings, coaching and free content online, I help soul-led entrepreneurs like you, transform fear and self-doubt into unstoppable confidence and magnetism. 

You came to this planet to share your gifts.  And I KNOW you have what it takes. At our core we're all unlimited. Sometimes we just have a few layers of conditioning and fears to work through first.

It's my pleasure as an Intuitive Business Coach and Personal Brand Consultant to help you overcome your inner limitations and put your soul work out there

And have it feel FUN, in flow and pleasurable.

I can show you how to create clear messaging and brand foundations, PLUS coach you on the inner work it takes to thrive and shine.

And ultimately live free, get paid, and change lives — starting with your own.

Sound like the support you're looking for?


I didn't even know this was a career until 2015.

When I was a teenager I struggled with being bullied and slut-shamed at school. It taught me that it wasn't safe to express myself and shine bright. It also put me on a path of partying and "misbehaving".

Then my dad died of cancer when I was 16, and it made me take a long hard look at my life. And I knew I needed to make some changes. I found healing from authors like Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispenza, Mike Dooley, and Grace Cirroco. 

They introduced me to the concepts of manifestation, "thoughts become things" and "following your bliss" at a young age.

Which guided me into a wildly successful career running my own go-go dancing company in my 20's, while also graduating with the top student award in Creative Arts Business College for Marketing + Branding. 

Then in 2015, I went through a breakup that burst my magical bubble. It forced me into shadow work and healing trauma.

This led me to start blogging about self-love and personal development. Eventually leading to readers reaching out for coaching sessions, and me getting certified as a VITA™ Women's Empowerment Coach, and mentoring hundreds of coaches at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

At first, my path felt super in flow and easeful... that was until I turned to the business "gurus" to help me "get it right".

And BOOM... I gave away my power and stopped trusting my intuition. My business came to a crashing halt. I became overwhelmed. And self-doubt took over!

It wasn't until I hired the right coach for me that I came home to my own truth again. I came back to the teachings of manifestation, flow, and ease that worked so well for me, but this time with added wisdom around trauma-informed embodiment coaching.

When I bridged the inner energetic alignment work, with outer soul-led strategy, I was finally able to attract my ideal soulmate clients and do the work I'm meant to in this world.

Which basically feels like I get paid to be me and work with people I love.

And now it's my pleasure to help other soul-led entreprenuers do the same.



I believe in the importance of honouring spiritual lineage and energy transmission. These teachers have had the biggest influences on my life's work, and personal + professional development:

2015-2016- Kelsey Grant, Radical Self-Love

2016-2019 - Phil T. Mistlberger, Shadow Work, Transpersonal Therapy + Conscious Relationships (Teacher Training)

2017-2019 - Layla Martin, Sexual Wellness, Feminine Embodiment, Breathwork, Inner Child Work + Neo-Tantra (VITA™ Certified Coach)

2019 - 2020 - Dr. Joe Dispenza, Quantum Healing + Neuroscience

2020-2021 - Jessica Caver Lindholm, Mindset, Money, Manifestation + Business Strategy

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